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Featured foreign language voice talent
Arabic male                      Hab

Asian accented English    Han

Cantonese female             Su

French male                      Iec

Indonesian male                Cala

Japanese male                   Fuji

Korean male                       Numdo

Korean female                    Youn

Mandarin Chinese male      Wuzhi

Thai male                             Krit

Vietnamese male                 Tung

Vietnamese female              Anh

Multiple Languages Voice Overs
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2011 Best Foreign Language Voice Overs

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samples available for download. Our selections range from Spanish to Japanese.
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foreign language voice over talent in over 45 languages. International voices is what we offer so you have a one stop shop for your voice over talent needs. Voice over talent for narration voice overs, radio jingles, voice mail greetings, commercial voice overs, or virtually any voice over requirement or project are available. We supply free voice over casting to make selecting the right voice over talent for your voice overs easy.

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