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I am extremely impressed
with the service/quality you provide and I am grateful for your help with our projects. My client was extremely pleased and thanked us immensely for helping make their presentation a great success.

TMJ Interactive Systems
Michael Kline

You never let us down. It makes it easy to produce multilingual videos when we know we can count on your team for the foreign language voice-overs.

Edge Localization
Executive Director
Kevin Granelli

You have always helped me on all my projects, which is why I trust and give you all foreign language audio work. Your services are everything I could have wanted and more.

DLS Solutions

Project Manager

James Meyers

I produce hundreds of recordings each month and yours is definitely among the very best. You are a great partner to have.

Gala Multimedia
Christopher Polaske

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2011 Best Foreign Language Voice Overs

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Voiceover, Captioning, Subtitling, Transcription, Translation & Multimedia Services for Studios and Corporations. Specializing in foreign language voice overs.
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Audio and voiceover talent production services.  Voiceover talents, both male and female voice over talent for narration and narrator services.  Non-union voiceover talents and union voice talent along with ISDN services.  Multiple languages available
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